Weight and eating pattern

The need for extra support in the field of weight management or knowledge about a healthy diet can have different reasons. Where one struggles with overeating or overweight and wants to lose weight, another person can have difficulty in fighting underweight. Problems with maintaining body weight can have various causes such as illness, the use of medication or mental-emotional problems. Some examples are thyroid abnormalities, antidepressants in burnout or depression, chronic stress, eating problems or eating disorders and problems with sleeping. It is also possible that there are no special complaints, but a need for more knowledge about a healthy diet. Or that there are slight, common complaints such as headaches or fatigue. Each body and every person is different, and that includes a certain need for nutrients and a personal eating pattern.

At Food Mind Body both the physical and mental health are the main focus point. Maybe you are too heavy and you feel unhappy about it, or you have a healthy weight but negative thoughts about it. It is also possible that you want to know what healthy nutrition or a healthy diet is for your body, to be as vital as possible. We are happy to help you. We try to create balance in your eating pattern and lifestyle, with special attention for the mind.

In addition to the sessions with the dietitians, do you also wish to receive treatment from our MIND therapists? Then our 8 weeks Food Mind treatment may be something for you. More info can be found in our section special treatments.