Terms and Conditions

FoodRebel is a practice for nutrition and dietary advice and offers guidance in changing your lifestyle. The practice is located in Amsterdam at various locations. The addresses of the locations can be found on our website www.food-rebel.nl.

Every year you are entitled to 3 hours of dietary advice. The reimbursement from the basic insurance (except for ‘ketenzorg’) is first covered by the ‘eigen risico’. This means that you pay the first €385 over the whole year for health care yourself, and after that you get insured health care for free. Insured persons under the age of 18, don’t have a premium for ‘eigen risico’, so therefore they come for free.

The advisory talks between you and the dietician are direct time. Indirect time is used for the individual dietary requirement. This includes preparing a dietary plan, calculating nutrition and associated advice. We also charge this indirect time as part of your treatment.
The time that is invoiced for the telephone consultations is per fifteen-minute units. The rounding takes place as follows; less than 7.5 minutes will not be invoiced, more than 7.5 minutes will be invoiced for a unit of 15 minutes.
If your insurance does not (or no longer) covers the costs of the treatment(s), the costs will be covered by you. For example when the maximum reimbursement has been reached or there is no additional insurance.
When making an appointment we reserve a predetermined amount of time. The time applies per type of consultation and is listed on our website. Should the appointment unexpectedly end or last longer than planned, we will declare the agreed time. This does not apply to telephone consultations and the individual dietary requirement. Telephone consultations are invoiced per unit of 15 minutes, depending on the actual duration. The individual dietary requirement is part of the indirect time and therefore 45 minutes will be declared. This time can be adjusted as required in consultation and agreement with the treating dietician.
The duration and rates per type of consultation are listed on the website: www.food-rebel.nl.

Payments for FoodRebel can transfered to the bank account NL91KNAB0257638415 of FoodRebel. The invoices clearly state whether they have already been submitted to your health insurer. If this is the case then the amount still to be paid will be your own contribution. If you are not or insufficiently insured for dietary advice or you have used up your hours, you will receive an invoice for the (additional) costs of the consultation that you have to pay yourself. If you have received an invoice that has not been submitted to your health insurer, you can submit it to your health insurer for reimbursement if you wish. FoodRebel uses a payment term within a period of 21 days. It is advisable to pay the invoice that you receive from FoodRebel as soon as possible. This prevents you from making extra costs.

Terms of payment of FoodRebel
1. The amounts charged by FoodRebel and invoiced by FoodRebel are due immediately by FoodRebel.
2. The debtor (you as client of FoodRebel) must pay the invoice in full within 21 days on the account of FoodRebel. This account number is clearly stated on the invoice to be paid.
3. FoodRebel will in principle declare the costs directly to the health insurer. If this is not possible, you will receive an invoice. In that case you are due a payment yourself. If you have the impression that you are receiving this invoice in error, please contact your health insurer and send if necessary the invoice to your insurer. FoodRebel does not discuss the reimbursement with the insurer, you are responsible for that yourself.
4. From the moment of default, ie after 21 days, the debtor will owe administration costs and interest to FoodRebel.
5. In the absence of payment within the set term, the debtor is in default without further notice of default being required. As long as the debtor continues to meet his / her obligations, all costs related to the collection of the relevant claim will be charged to the debtor. These costs explicitly include the costs for collection by a debt collection agency and judicial costs.
6. In the case mentioned above under articles 4 and 5, FoodRebel is entitled to immediately proceed with collection of the claim or to charge third parties with it. In general, a first reminder will be sent after 30 days. The 2nd payment reminder will be send after 14 days after which the claim will be transferred to the collection agency.
7. Even if there is disagreement between FoodRebel and the debtor about the service / product declared, the debtor is bound by the aforementioned payment terms. Obviously, e.e.a. will be corrected retrospectively when there is reason to do so.

Appointments can be canceled or changed free of charge up to 48 hours before the consultation (weekend days or holidays not included). In case of late cancellations or no-show, we will charge the costs of the consultation. These costs are not reimbursable with your health insurance.


Food & Mind treatment
The Food & Mind treatment is a combination treatment which includes parallel sessions with a cognitive behavioral therapist and a dietitian. During the Food & Mind treatment, practice FoodRebel is responsible for the dietetics part of the treatment and Mindtrainers is responsible for the therapy part. The agreement between clients and Mindtrainers is separate from the agreement between clients and FoodRebel.
The treatment time and associated costs for the dietetics consultations of the Food & Mind treatment, are invoiced directly to the client. The costs for the therapy with Mindtrainers are invoiced directly to the client by Mindtrainers and the general terms and conditions as listed at www.mindtrainers.nl are valid during the time of therapy.
If there is a need for more consultations, this will be mutually agreed between the practitioner and the client. These consultations are separate from the official treatment time of the Food & Mind treatment.

Mindfulness training
Clients who follow a mindfulness training are treated by Mindtrainers and therefore Mindtrainers is responsible for the full training. The costs for the training at Mindtrainers are invoiced directly to the client by Mindtrainers. The general terms and conditions as listed at www.mindtrainers.nl are valid during the training. The agreement between the client and Mindtrainers is separate from the agreement between the client and FoodRebel.

Always bring a valid identity to your first appointment with the dietician. Note, this also applies to children.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) provides rules for the careful use of your personal data. We act in accordance with this law. Our privacy policy can be found on the website: www.food-rebel.nl

The advice of the dietician is to improve your health. The advice is result-oriented but does not guarantee that your health improves. This often requires several factors. Damage or injury that is associated with the advice provided by the dietician is your responsibility, unless there is intent, gross negligence on the part of the dietician.

We do everything we can to provide good care. If you as a client are not satisfied, it is important to discuss this with us. If that does not offer a solution, you can submit a complaint to the Paramedici Complaints Desk via telephone number 030-3100929 or by mail :info@klachtenloketparamedici.nl.

At the agreed appointment for an intake to start the dietary treatment, you agree with the terms and conditions, you consent to the dietician’s examination and accept full responsibility for all costs of treatments involved that are not covered by the insurance.