Suppletion & special lifestyle advice

Treatment focused on supplementation and special nutritional needs

Do you feel that your body needs more than you can get from just food? Do you feel that you lack nutrients and therefore energy because you exercise intensively, follow a plant-based diet or suffer from fatigue? Do you want to know what your body needs at a molecular level, why your body sometimes does not receive essential nutrients and where this energy stays?

In the treatment ‘suppletion & special lifestyle advice’ the underlying causes of existing complaints are examined and addressed by adjustments to diet, lifestyle and dietary supplements. We do this on an individual base, taking into account the ‘personality’ and physiology of your body.

What does a ‘suppletion & special lifestyle advice’ treatment look like?

We start with an intake consultation where we discuss your lifestyle and the eventual complaints you may be experiencing. We gain insights into when these complaints or lack of energy started and which physiological systems and mechanisms these problems are related to. Subsequently, we examine together what deficiencies your body has and how we can solve them, using orthomolecular insights. You can discuss all your nutritional questions with your dietitian.

Why ‘suppletion & special lifestyle advice’?

  • You get more insight into what happens in your body and why you have extra needs;
  • You learn how any deficiencies are resolved with food and extra supplementation such as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids;
  • You get lifestyle advice and learn how to become the healthiest version of you!

For whom is a ‘suppletion & special lifestyle advice’ treatment suitable?

For everyone who needs extra nutrients due to a special lifestyle or a lack of energy. For fatigue, energy complaints, intensive exercise or a plant-based diet.


€90 per session of 1,5 hours

For this you get:

  • An extensive consultation of 90 minutes with a professional dietitian in which you learn how you can adapt your lifestyle to prevent deficiencies;
  • A supplementary manual with orthomolecular insights and advices;
  • Follow-up questions via e-mail.

If you want to come for a follow-up consultation (30 minutes), you can!

Do you want to make an appointment or do you have any questions?

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