Mindfulness training

'Pay loving attention to yourself'

We almost all have to deal with stress, fatigue, abdominal pain, worry, uncertainties, anxiety or an urge to (excessive) control. These complaints can get you in the way. Do you suffer from negative thoughts, emotional imbalance or lack of rest and energy? Then we advise you to follow a mindfulness training.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a method that gives you more insight into your mental and emotional functioning and how you can deal with this in a conscious and friendly way. With a mindfulness training you become more aware of your inner world and functioning. You get insight into your thoughts, feelings, emotions and your physical sensations and learn to let go of what does not help you. A mindfulness training offers you the tools to deal consciously and self-reliantly with your inner world. You learn to know the cause of your complaints and to give it a friendly attention. In this way you can treat and reduce them yourself. This ensures more grip, stability and confidence.

What can you expect?

  • During the personal mindfulness training you will gain insight into an obstructive pattern from which your complaints arise
  • You experience how you can use mindfulness as a practical and effective tool in your daily life to treat complaints in a targeted manner
  • You receive education about the working of your mind and learn to practice different mindfulness exercises
  • You learn to train attention at every moment of the day so that you can stay more present and bring more relaxation in your life
  • The contact with yourself will improve so that you learn to listen to your physical, mental and emotional needs
  • Through the training you become mentally and emotionally stronger and you get more grip on yourself
  • You learn to become the manager of your own (obstructive) thoughts
    You learn to deal with (difficult) feelings, emotions and you develop (self) compassion
  • You get access to an online program where you can download mindfulness audio recordings

This program is really something for you if...

  • You need more attention for yourself
  • You want to understand your inner functioning and how you can improve this
  • You want to experience more grip and want to learn how to deal with thoughts and feelings
  • You are prepared to integrate practical techniques into your daily life and reserve 30 minutes per day for doing exercises

Interested in mindfulness?

You can plan a free acquaintance to discuss whether this treatment suits you. Send an e-mail to kim@foodmindbody.nl and she will contact you.

Costs Mindfulness program

The costs are 90 euros per session of 1.5 hours. The basic program consists of at least 5 sessions.