GLI 'De Beweegkuur' English Program

'De Beweegkuur' GLI in Amsterdam De Pijp

FoodRebel, in collaboration with Mokum Physiotherapy and Training, will offer the combined lifestyle intervention “De Beweegkuur”.

This is one of three interventions against obesity that is reimbursed under the basic insurance by the health insurance. You need a referral from your doctor at all times to participate in the program!

What is 'De Beweegkuur'?

‘De BeweegKuur’ GLI is a combined lifestyle intervention, aimed at realizing health benefits for people from a moderate weight-related health risk. The intervention focuses on a combination of exercise, healthy nutrition and behavioral change.

‘De BeweegKuur’ GLI is a 2-year program.

The first year consists of the supervision phase and the second year of the maintenance phase.

The exercise plan encourages sustainable exercise and is carried out by the exercise professional.

The nutrition plan consists of individual and group meetings and is carried out by the nutrition professional. The lifestyle coach focuses on realizing sustainable behavioral change in the field of energy intake and physical activity

Is the GLI 'De Beweegkuur' suitable for me?

GLI ‘De Beweegkuur’ is suitable for you when you:

      • Are 18 years of age or older

      • Is overweight (i.e. has a BMI between 25 and 30) and also has an increased risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease (according to the indication criteria from the NHG Obesity guideline and the Obesity Care Standard), osteoarthritis or sleep apnea.
        Or seriously overweight (i.e., BMI over 30)

Do you meet the conditions above and do you want to;

      • Have a healthier lifestyle?
      • Lose  some pounds?
      • Have 2 years of professional guidance and support with this?

Contents GLI program

The GLI program ‘De Beweegkuur’ is a two-year program.

The first year is all about intensive coaching and meetings. The process always starts with a personal intake, what are your expectations of the program and does the program tie in with this? We will then help you in the first year by providing intensive guidance and support. We offer you what you need to actually achieve that healthy lifestyle.

During year 2, it’s all about maintenance. Are there things you still run into, what are you holding back from keeping it up, etc.


The program is covered by the health insurance. 

Do you want to join the GLI program De Beweegkuur?

Please fill out our contact form  at the website of Mokum Fysiotherapie en Training.