Cognitive behavioral therapy

'Breaking through patterns'

Do you want to get more grip on your dietary habits? Are you unable to break through certain patterns? Do you sometimes feel that you have no control and that it makes you feel powerless? Or do you take too much control about what you are eating so that you have difficulty enjoying eating?

At FoodRebel we provide an Food Mind program with Mindtrainers where you can reach your goals in terms of nutrition and behavior.

“The treatment has helped me to feel safe with my emotions. The sessions have also given me more insight into my old wounds. I can now see feelings better for what they are and no longer have to identify with them as a result of which emotional eating has decreased. I experience more peace and lightness in my life.”

What can you expect?

  • The program lasts minimal 4 month with weekly meetings, alternating between the dietitians and behavior coach/therapist
  • The sessions are plannned together with you, and take 30 to 60 minutes
  • The sessions have a constructive character with a specific focus, based on your situation
  • Together we set personal goals and you will receive a tailor made nutrition plan
  • We will map out the pattern of your behavior, thoughts and feelings through which you experience obstructions and you will come to new insights
  • You discover what you really need on a deeper level and what you can do to achieve your goals
  • We pay attention to an moment in your life that unnoticed has a great influence on your current eating behavior so that you can process it
  • You will receive all sorts of practical ‘tools’ including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to support yourself in your daily life. You will become your own coach

This program is really something for you if...

  • You seek for a sustainable change
  • You feel that you’ve tried everything and you really want to experience more grip and trust
  • You are prepared to integrate practical techniques into your daily life and reserve 30 minutes per day for doing exercises

Are you interested in this program?

You can plan a free acquaintance to discuss whether this treatment suits you. Send an e-mail to and she will contact you.

Rates Food & Mind traject

It is possible to follow this program online or on location of the Food Mind studio at the Rhijnvis Feithstraat 1. 

The cost for the MIND sessions are 150 euro per session of 1 hour. During the discovery call you will receive an indication of the total treatment.

The costs for the Food consultations are 239 euros (4 sessions of 30 min or 1 hour). The Food consultations are covered by the basic insurance. You can choose to submit the invoice for the Food consultations to your health insurer (extra note: these costs are deducted from your own risk if you have not yet used them)

* This process comes in agreements for the vitality and personal training budget of companies. Feel free to request information and a quote.