During the first three months of pregnancy, all organs and systems of a baby begin to form. The fourth through ninth month stand mainly for growth. These processes increase the need for nutrients during pregnancy. It is important to get sufficient nutrients every day as a pregnant woman and not to be burdened with harmful substances. 

However, healthy pregnancy is also important for those trying to become pregnant. A healthy weight increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy with less chance of complications such as high blood pressure, eclampsia and gestational diabetes. 

A healthy weight also ensures a healthier child, with less risk for conditions such as type 2 diabetes or overweight in later life.

zwangerschap diëtist

Gestational diabetes

Some women get gestational diabetes, a temporary form of diabetes. It occurs in 2-10% of all pregnancies and is determined by a glucose tolerance test (GTT). Because of hormones, the body does not respond well to insulin and the blood sugar remains too high. The symptoms are usually vague, like a lot of thirst and a lot of urination. Because of gestational diabetes, complications can occur and the baby has an increased chance of developing diabetes later in life. Following a special diet is important here. This can ensure that too high blood sugar levels are prevented.

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