Marloes Worm

Marloes is an empathetic dietitian who helps you examine your current eating habits and take steps to create a healthy lifestyle.

“I have always been fascinated by the diversity of the human body. How is it that people with completely different lifestyles can all be healthy?

During my nutrition and dietetics studies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I learned that every body is unique and requires a personalized approach. I assist you in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle based on your existing habits, not just a temporary solution. This ensures that you feel better, fitter, and healthier.

My approach as a dietitian is direct and critical, but I am also empathetic and like to add humor. I continue to develop myself by regularly updating my knowledge, with specializations in pediatric dietetics and sports dietetics.”

Marloes mainly assists people with overweight, allergies, digestive issues, children, and athletes.