Our professionals

FoodRebel was founded in 2018 out of the ambition to contribute to a lifestyle with a balance between the right nutritional care and attention to mental and physical well-being. And therefore, to contribute to vitality and enjoyment in life. In order to benefit this vision, we work closely together with high-quality physical and behavioral therapists. All professionals we collaborate with look further than just their field of work and pursue a holistic view.

A regular diet treatment with the dieticians at FoodRebel consists of an intake where we get to know you and discuss all relevant information (such as complaints, eating habits, lifestyle). Then we set up a treatment plan and issue an advice. During the follow-up consultations we discuss the progress of the treatment. As every person, every body and every situation is unique, we like to provide tailor-made advice. During the treatments we pay extra attention to lifestyle coaching with advice on sports, relaxation and daily rhythm.

In addition to our regular dietary consultations, we offer extras in the form of a number of special treatments. The starting point of the treatments is not necessarily aimed at the cure of disease. They serve as an enrichment of how we look at health and fit perfectly with our all-round vision on food, mind and body, where nutrition is our most important connection.

Let’s introduce our dieticians at FoodRebel.

Nancy te Hoven

Dietician & lifestyle coach

Nancy helps people to feel better in their bodies, to feed themselves well (both mentally and physically) and to learn to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Marloes Worm


What motivates Marloes is to guide people with allergies, intestinal complaints, children and the combination of nutrition with sports.

Anne Rennefeld


Anne provides guidance with overweight, emotional eating, children and the combination of nutrition with sports.

Manon van Luling


Anne provides guidance with plantbased nutrition, hormonal imbalances, emotional eating, but also overweight or intestinal complains.

Kim Oostendorp

Mindfulness based cognitive therapist & trainer

Kim supports – where necessary – our dieticians in the field of psychology with the help of, among other things, mindfulness.