Chronic diseases

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is caused by a breakdown in the sugar metabolism which causes high blood sugar. This is accompanied by unpleasant health complaints and risks. Diabetes mellitus type 2 was formerly called adult-onset diabetes, but nowadays this form of diabetes is increasingly common at a younger age.

Lifestyle, especially nutrition (diet), has a major impact on diabetes and can even completely reverse the process in some cases. So you can get rid of your diabetes. We think it is very important to guide people in this. Do you want more knowledge of the possibilities in the field of nutrition and lifestyle? Do you want more coaching to get started? We are happy to help you improve your sugar levels.

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Heart and blood vessels

Problems with heart and blood vessels such as (hereditary) hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart problems are very common. Using less salt and eating less fat is often not enough to tackle these disorders. The use of medication is enormous. However, nutrition and lifestyle can be of great significance.

Team FoodRebel looks at your complaints in relation to your diet and behavior. We regularly see that changes in the diet, in combination with coaching on other lifestyle factors, can lead to foreseeable lowering of cholesterol levels in the blood within a few months. Our clients who leave our practice with a smile after a positive result, that’s what we go for.

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