Welcome to FoodRebel

Did you search for Food Mind Body and ended up here? That could be right! Because since the summer of 2019, Food Mind Body and FoodRebel have been working together to help you even better.

FoodRebel is the place to be for all-round professional nutrition counseling, dietary treatment and lifestyle coaching in Amsterdam. 

FoodRebel is your go-to for personal nutrition counseling. And with personal, we mean personal. Everyone is different, which is why everyone will receive customized advice according to his or her wishes. At FoodRebel we do not do diets, but you work together with the dietitian to realize a healthier lifestyle. The most important thing is that you become more aware of your own diet.

Do you suffer from health complaints which can be reduced or even overcome with the right nutrition? Do you want to know what is really healthy for your body? Do you feel that certain food and lifestyle patterns are bothering you, and do you want to look beyond just food? We are happy to help you.

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